ETHERIC BODY, is an energy healing + wellness studio located in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

We offer experiences focused on bringing balance, clarity + rejuvenation to the subtle energy field (aura) —as well as the mind, body + 

ETHERIC BODY, was created to serve as the energy wellness extension of HALO Auragraphic. The vision is that the two will work hand in hand —HALO to help people see and understand their energy + ETHERIC BODY to help them care for it.

Our goal is to be a sanctuary of healing, learning, teaching + community.

We would be honored to stand with you on your journey.



An aura photograph by Halo Auragraphic of Michael Walker of Etheric Body, showing his blue, green and purple aura.

PRACTITIONER - Michael Walker

Michael is the founder of ETHERIC BODY and the co-founder of HALO Auragraphic. He has been studying alternative healing, energy and aura's since 2015. He is an Advanced Energy Intuitive, who has studied with notable energy healers for the past two years and holds certifications in multiple energy healing modalities such as crystals, sound, light and Usui Reiki II.

He grew up in a small town on the central Canadian prairies, in a spiritually minded family that taught him from an early age, that there is much more to our reality than just physical matter.

In his work with HALO, helping people understand their own energy through aura photography, Michael began to feel called to not only help people see their energy, but to help them on their journey to heal and care for it.

Michael, brings a genuine, caring, sensitivity and the ability to listen, understand and hold space with others, to his energy work.