Crystal Light Chakra Healing

We spend so much time caring for our physical bodies —but how often do we take the time to care for our energetic bodies?

Crystal Light Chakra Healing is an experience designed to empower and support you along your journey toward self discovery and healing. 

It is a modernized, more amplified version of what has been known for years in the alternative healing community as, Crystal Bed Therapy.

It combines five powerful vibrational healing elements curated to reboot your energy system and clear away the residue of life's daily challenges —activated through gratitude, intention, ceremony and connection to the universal energy field.


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A photo of a hand holding a quartz crystal for an Energy Immersion sessions at Etheric Body.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL ** - Quartz crystal is a powerful amplifier of energy.  For thousands of years, crystals have been used to create energy movement in the human body. Crystal Light Chakra Healing uses one of a kind hand cut quartz crystal that has the ability to connect with the cellular structure of the human body. Some of the most profound shifts in energy have been experienced through the use of crystals.

SOUND VIBRATION ** - Sound translates into colors and frequencies that resonate at the same tonal frequencies as the seven major energy centers of the human body, known as the Chakra's. Infused for healing and wellness, recorded sound vibrations from crystal singing bowls, flow through high-end isolation headphones during Crystal Light Chakra Healing sessions, sending pure light through sound into your aura.

COLOR ILLUMINATION ** - Colors are wavelengths of electromagnetic energy perceived through the eyes. Each color has its own unique vibration or frequency. Colors have the ability to affect our mood, emotions, state of mind and our overall sense of well being. Specific color frequencies were chosen to help bring oneness to your mind, body and spirit.

MAGNETIC ENERGY * - Every cell and organ in the human body holds consciousness that needs magnetic energy for support. Since the discovery of a mineral called Magnetite thousands of years ago, magnetic energy has been used on the human body for its healing and restorative properties. There are ancient texts dating back over 4000 years that describe the use of magnetic stones to help correct imbalance. Crystal Light Chakra sessions utilize a carefully designed magnetized array that rests gently under your body while laying down, which may help to aid in the stimulation of blood flow, help detoxify, reduce swelling and bring balance to your Qi (chi) or life-force energy.

AROMATHERAPY * - Pure essential oils, tailored to your session, are diffused to help relax and soothe the body and mind, allowing the other energy elements to make a deeper impact during your session.

** Part of remote & in person sessions.
*  Part of in person sessions only.




In person sessions are held in a dedicated sacred space within our downtown LA Arts District studio.

Your practitioner will meet with you at our studio,  set up the elements of the session and make sure you are comfortable. They will then leave the room as you embark on your guided energetic journey in the safety and privacy of our space. 


Energy is not bound by time, space or distance.

The elements of Quartz Crystal, Sound Vibration, and Color Illumination can be directed and transmitted through the Aether, directly to you, wherever you are.

Your practitioner will meet with you live on Zoom and will be there to support you,  as well as guide and direct the flow of energy from a distance during your session.

All remote online Crystal Light Chakra Healing sessions will also include complimentary Reiki. Your practitioner, who is also a Certified Level II Usui Reiki channel, will send Reiki energy intuitively to your body and energy field throughout the session, to enhance and elevate the experience to a truly cosmic level.


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A photo of a girl laying down in the Etheric Body studio during an Energy Immersion session.




Blockage in your energy field can lead to emotional, psychological and physical challenges such as;  anxiety, depression, weight gain, weight loss, hopelessness, confusion, relationship problems, lack of motivation, anger, stress and addiction.

Many ancient cultures believed that illness or "dis-ease" occurring in the physical body was the final stage of a trauma that actually began in the aura or energy field. 

Taking the time to care for your energetic self and heal energy blockages early on, may actually help prevent trauma from manifesting as illness in the physical body.

When you begin to understand that your mind, body and spirit are intrinsically connected by the flow of energy, the importance of cultivating a consistent routine of energetic self-care starts to come into focus.



• A sense of well being
• Clearing away energetic cobwebs
• Deep relaxation
• Mental clarity
• Greater empathy for others
• Spiritual connection 
• Empowerment
• A sense of direction
• Release of emotional trauma
• Melting away of stress
• The feeling that missing pieces of yourself have returned
• Decrease in addictive behaviors
• Lessening of anxiety
• Greater focus
• Self love



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A photo of Etheric Body founder Michael Walker's blue, green and purple aura photograph by Halo Auragraphic.


Michael is the founder of ETHERIC BODY and the co-founder of HALO Auragraphic. He has been studying alternative healing, energy and aura's since 2015. He is an Advanced Energy Intuitive, who has studied with notable energy healers for the past two years and holds certifications in multiple energy healing modalities such as crystals, sound, light and Usui Reiki II.

He grew up in a small town on the central Canadian prairies, in a spiritually minded family that taught him from an early age, that there is much more to our reality than just physical matter.

In his work with HALO, helping people understand their own energy through aura photography, Michael began to feel called to not only help people see their energy, but to help them care for it.

Michael brings a genuine, caring, sensitivity and the ability to listen, understand and hold space with others, to his energy work.





Anyone who is 18 years and older who does not have any of the contraindications below.



Energy Immersion may be potentially hazardous for women who are pregnant, anyone in treatment for cancer or other serious life threatening medical issues, anyone with a pacemaker, electrical implants or metal implants.


Energy Immersion should not be relied upon as health, medical, psychological or professional advice of any kind.