Reiki Healing by Etheric Body™. A photo of hands giving off energy.

What is Reiki

Usui Reiki is the alternative, Japanese, healing art form of laying hands on or off of the body to stimulate healing, inner peace and well being.

The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words - "Rei", which means Higher Power and "Ki" meaning "life force energy".  The meaning of Reiki being, "spiritually guided life force energy."


What is a Reiki energy session like
A Reiki treatment feels like a glowing radiance flowing through your body and energy field. It energizes a persons whole being - body, mind, emotions and spirit, creating a waterfall of relaxation, feelings of peace, well-being, balance and clarity. Many people have reported miraculous results from Reiki.

Reiki is a simple, safe, method of energy healing and self-care that anyone can experience beneficial results from. It has been effective in helping countless illnesses. It works alongside all other medical therapies and helps to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Whether done in person or remotely online, will be laying down relaxing as we send the flow of cooling and warming Reiki light through your entire energy system to clear away areas of resistance, stuck energy and imbalance, so your body can begin to heal itself.

When intention is present, energy can flow through time and space with no separation by way of the ether. This is what makes distance/remote healing sessions just as powerful as in person sessions. You can feel the flow of Reiki energy whether your practitioner is working with hands on the body, off the body or  from a distance, anywhere in the world. It is a simple and beautiful experience.

During the session you will receive an assessment as to what your practitioner was sensing and feeling during the treatment.


Some of the benefits of Reiki sessions include...

  • An increased flow of Qi (life force energy) through your meridians helping to attain deep levels of tranquility.

  • Learn simple techniques to balance your Qi and open your chakras.

  • An awakening of energy consciousness in your body which helps you feel more alive, grounded and connected.

  • Strengthening of your body's own ability to heal itself.

  • Relaxation which helps reduce tension and stress.

  • A clearing away of stuck negative energy from your field.

  • Clearing and balancing of your Chakra's (the energy control centers of your body and aura).


Michael Walker, is a Certified Level II Usui Reiki practitioner. His Reiki lineage connects him through 8 Reiki Masters back to Reiki founder Dr. Mikao Usui.


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